Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reindeer Run Success!

I couldn't think of a more beautiful December day to run a 5K! It wasn't cold and we had plenty of blue skies and sunshine. Normally when I do a race I'm by myself, but  today a bunch of friends/co-workers did it also...even the whole swim team did it too. It was so fun that I think we are going to make this an annual event and even try to get the whole school out next year too! In March there is a 5K at the university right across the street from our school that benefits Habitat for Humanity so we are going to try to get a bunch of people together for that also!

Although it was like 60ish to start off, I know better than to wear long sleeves, like the shirt they gave us. I am generally super sweaty when I workout. The last time I ran an October race with my family in Seattle, it was a COLD 60 and about 5 minutes in I was stripping off my undershirt while I was walking. Well once we got going today it actually felt HOT outside. I think the humidity is kind of high mile 2, I was burning up! I was thankful this was only a 5K, and not a 10K like Turkey Day race.

But I really pushed myself and my chip time shows that...I am REALLY happy with my finish. I would say that I ran around 70% of it and when I was getting tired I stopped for a couple minutes and then ran some more.  My chip time today was 43:20, with a 13:57 average mile! AWESOME! I could not have asked for a better time! I did a 5k practice run Thursday and my legs are still a little sore from that, so I think in the future I will take 2 days off before a race if I am going to work out that hard.

Let's compare that time with my past times...

October 2010 5K - 52:57 (walk 17:03 pace)
October 2011 5K - 47:07 (run/walk 15:10 pace)
August 2012 5K  - 45:46 (run/walk 14:44 pace)
Today's 5K - 43:20 (run/walk 13:57 pace)

I'd say that's progress!

I have new plan I will talk about on my next new goal and my next race at the end of January! I can wait to start training!

Until later, happy running!

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