Wednesday, December 26, 2012

5K Training - week 3/8

Well, this week HAD to be better than last week! And it was...a bit. I finally got to work out for a couple of days after the flu but it is still rough. I'm still REALLY congested and coughing plus I've had sinus issues too.

12/17 Monday - Still had the flu! :(

12/18 Tuesday - Still had the flu! :(

12/19 Wednesday - Finally back! Went to gym for a bit ran/walked 1.5 miles (14:16 pace).

12/20 Thursday - Had to bring the car in for repair so no workout!

12/21 Friday - OFF

12/2 Saturday - Drove to New Orleans

12/23 Sunday - Run/walk at the park - 2 miles (15:30) - it was 57 degrees outside and I had trouble running

I'm at my Mom's until next weekend so I'm going to try to workout as much of I can, but unfortunately I don't have a gym so I'm subject to the weather!

Until later, happy running!

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