Friday, December 28, 2012

Every Little Bit Counts

I finally committed to getting healthy at the end of July when I got back from Italy, and until now, I have been that pissy "this isn't happening fast enough" kind of person. I don't mean to be, really. I am generally a happy, positive person...but dang...I've been working hard and I haven't really felt like I look different.

But this week, I feel like I found my first results! Finally!

Result #1 - I am finally feeling a little thinner and moved down a size in jeans about 2 weeks ago. They fit perfectly when I put them on and feel really good. Right now I don't dry them in the dryer, but I think I can start to. And the even better news is that I don't think these are going to last me a really long time! I think I will go buy the next size down and hang them on my wall to occasionally try on until they actually fit. My favorite jeans are Gap (outlet) Long and Lean. I'm almost 5'8" and they fit my proportions well.

Result #2 - I pushed myself yesterday at the park (I'm still a little "off" from the flu last week) and beat my last 10K time. Even though it's not "fast", it's progress...especially since it was 44 degrees (but thankfully still sunny) outside! I ended up with a 14:39 pace (it took me 1:30:49 total). The last mile and a half I still tend to get tired, but it's getting easier! I felt much better about it than I did a month ago for the Turkey Day 10K.

Result #3 - The scale at WW is going down and I'm close to my 5%! I weighed on Monday but couldn't stay for the meeting so I went back today. Since I was there, I unofficially weighed and was down 2.2 lbs since Monday! The Monday scale said I only lost 0.2 last week, so I think some of that 2.2 from today hadn't show up yet. So hopefully, I can keep doing well until Tuesday or Wednesday when I go to the next meeting and make my 5%. I think I need to lose 0.2 more in addition to that 2.2 loss today to officially get there.

Result #4 - It is getting easier to make better choices. Not that I am perfect, but I am planning more and really thinking about whether something is worth the points before I just shove it into my mouth. I have gone out to Mexican 3 times in the last month and didn't eat a single chip. In fact, I wasn't even tempted. Sure they taste good, but not THAT good, and they certainly aren't worth those points! Each time, I walked into the restaurant with the resolve not to eat any chips, so I didn't. The only high calorie indulgence I have found so far that was worth the points was a gourmet cupcake Jen B. gave me while back. That was ridiculously delicious. In most cases, I just remind myself that this isn't the last ______ on Earth and at some point in the future I can eat it if I want to. That usually helps.

Result #5 - I am getting better about eating smaller portions. Tonight I went out with my family and was going to order something "healthy" but I really just wanted a burger and fries. So that is what I got! Except I cut the (big) burger in half and ate one half plus only half of the fries. I also sampled a few bites from my mom and my uncle's plates of things that I knew were bad choices for me. But, I wasn't bothered at all that I hadn't cleaned my plate. It felt REALLY good to walk away from that other half of the burger!

Result #6 - I realize that I don't mind being a little hungry sometimes. Those of us aren't skinny generally keep eating so we aren't ever really hungry. I think we might even have this subconscious fear of actually being hungry. But I realized that being a little hungry isn't such a bad thing. It means I am paying attention to my body and only adding fuel to it when needed. I am also working on breaking the habit of eating until I am I focus on eating until I am satisfied and not hungry anymore.

So while I still have a LOOOOOONG way to go on my journey, I am going to remember these small accomplishments and let them help push me towards the bigger accomplishments.

Until later, happy running!

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  1. I have the same mentality! But at least it sounds like your body is thinking the same thing too!