Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weight Watchers Weigh-In

I meant to post this sooner but at the end of October I went back to Weight Watchers after my friend Jenny asked me to go with her. I am Jenny's go-to person for trying out different diets. Two springs ago we did a 3 week vegan program...I actually did well and ended up staying on it for 8 weeks, but she only made it like 3 days. It's hard to stay vegan though if you really don't have an ethical reason to, but overall it was a good experience and I really learned a lot...including incorporating some new foods in my diet I didn't think I liked.

I had actually been considering doing WW for a little while, so it was easy for me to agree to and I was happy to have someone to do it with. The ONLY difference though is Jenny is kind of thin already. She is technically in her healthy weight range but had gained 15 pounds over the past few years that made her uncomfortable and made her clothes not fit anymore. I can respect that, but it's still a little weird doing the program when she's skinny and I'm like 100 pounds overweight. I swear I would ECSTATIC if I looked like she did! But being uncomfortable is still being uncomfortable.

Anyway, I am VERY hesitant to put my actual weight up here at this point...maybe when I make a bigger dent in it. But here are my weigh-in results so far:

Week 1 START: 10/30

(11/6) Week 2: -2.8 (happy)
(11/13) Week 3:  -0.8 (disappointed...thought it should be more)
(11/20) Week 4: -0.2 (happy..I had a tough week!)
(11/27)  Week 5:  -1.6 (happy)
(12/04) Week 6: +0.2 (WTH because I had a great week! Earned 27 APs!)

Total WW loss: 5.2 pounds

As you can see, it has been slow going with the weight loss..that has been really frustrating. I lost around 10 pounds before I officially started WW, so I am down about 15 pounds total since the spring. Yes, it feels great to be down, but having worked so hard, especially in the last month, it makes it hard to feel like I am making real progress.

This week I was extremely annoyed when the scale went up 0.2 pounds. I worked out really hard and I ran my fastest 5K yet (sub 14:00 min mile!) and the scale didn't show that progress. I know I didn't gain weight so it wasn't fat registering on the scale BUT it felt like I was moving backward, rather than forward. Sigh...

I know I just need to stick with it and it will come off eventually. Like everyone else, I'm just impatient and want to see result now! Until then, I guess I will have to ignore the scale and keep eating right, tracking, and being active.

Until later, happy running!

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