Sunday, August 26, 2012

10K Training progress...weeks 4 & 5

So in the last 2 weeks I have worked out only once (on the elliptical) and it has definitely squashed my mood and my spirit a bit. Since my injury, my knee has been bothering me on and off...not serious pain, more of an annoying pain. I made it through the elliptical on Thursday but it felt a little off the whole time and then it hurt after. I know the doctor said I could bike and swim but I just haven't been able to make myself do it because I'm stubborn and I just don't want to.

The worst part is that I have a 10K on Sept only 3 more weeks and I am not training for it. I wasn't really planning on running much of it but now I am worried I can't even walk it! Sigh...

I go to the orthopedist tomorrow after our first day of school so hopefully he will just give me a giant shot in my knee and send me away all better. Yeah...I can dream, right!

One day this will be me:

This is more like me now:

Until later, happy running sitting around and doing nothing,

Monday, August 20, 2012

Getting back into my routines

I don't think that I have mentioned it before but I am a high school teacher and my summer officially came to an end today when I had to go back to school. I am sad summer (and all that free time) is over but I am kind of excited about the new school year and getting back to a normal routine. I also feel like this time of the year is good to think about and set some goals of what I want to accomplish for the rest of 2012, as well as the rest of the upcoming year.

As far as exercise goes, I have done very little since my preliminary diagnosis of a medial meniscus tear last Monday. I tend to be an all or nothing person so because I can't do what I want (run), I choose to do nothing. Stupid, right? That is something about myself that I really want to work on. But the good news is that I have been eating much better this last week and counting my calories.

I planned to work out today but my best friend had car trouble and I ended up staying late at school with I was tired because I was anxious today and couldn't sleep! But I'll back on the plan for the gym and tomorrow is a new day! So I may not be where I thought I would have been by now but I am getting back on track! I'm so lucky I have friends to go to the gym with in the afternoons and push me to be better!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I have a 10K coming up that I still need to train for, even though I plan to walk. I go back to the orthopedist next week so hopefully my knee will be better soon. But I know I need to do something in the mean is really shouldn't matter that I can't run, as long as I am active.

Until later, happy running!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sidelined from running

Well, I spent most of the morning at the orthopedist's office yesterday getting x-rays and an MRI. I have an appointment to go back in 2 weeks so he can tell me about the results of the tests but he says that it looks like I have a medial meniscus tear and that I can't run for the next two weeks or do any activity that makes it hurt. Awesome...

I think I need to post this somewhere to remind myself...

Source: via Daniel on Pinterest

He did say that I could try to swim and ride my bike as long as it didn't hurt but I am having a bit of a problem getting myself to the gym to do that. But just because I can't run doesn't mean I can't workout...

And I still have a 10K planned on September 15th that I still intend on at least walking in (barring the doctor saying I can't) so I need to stay in shape and biking/swimming will do that!

I wish I could say I got injured doing something cool but I didn' was probably a combination of running and falling off the curb in front of the gym because I was playing with my ipod and didn't see the step down. I definitely need to be more careful because this going to the doctor business is expensive!

Until later, happy running! swimming or biking

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trying to stay motivated

Friday was tough for me. There is a fine line between pushing through pain and discomfort and stopping when you know there is a problem. After running/walking for 15 minutes, I knew my problem was going to get worse if I didn't stop. So I did.

So I've taken two days off and I can already feel the difference. I kind of feel like crap...I'm tired and sluggish and all I want to do is nothing but wallow in my "I'm injured and now this is going to screw up my plans" misery. Plus I haven't been eating as healthy and I am not tracking my food.

It's a scary thing because in the past it has been so easy to call it quits. Giving up is probably one of the easiest things you can ever do...and I would know because I've been a quitter in my weight loss and fitness goals many times! But this time is different. I know that quitting my journey will deprive me of the health and happiness that I know I deserve.

Source: via Dina on Pinterest

When I came back from Italy and started my new lifestyle, I was so determined and really have been doing awesome ever since. So my problem is now that I am worried that this injury will derail my determination. I know from personal experience that it is possible. When I was a runner before in college I acquired a pretty painful knee injury from weak knee muscles that I never seemed to overcome and kind of ruined running for me...that was over 10 years ago!

But I know I can't let my injury do that now...this injury will heal and I will get stronger. I just have to keep doing what I have much as I can...and make sure I keep focus on the goal ahead and find support from others when my focus becomes a little blurry.

Until later, happy running!

10K Training progress...week 3

After my accomplishment on Saturday, I took Sunday off. Actually, I was pretty tired and lazy the rest of Saturday too. I will blame it on the heat!

Monday I felt AWESOME! I was really glad that I took the day off on Sunday because I really felt rested. I had a stellar set of runs on the treadmill. I pushed my walking speed up to 4.7 mph, then 4.8 later this week, as well as my running speed up to 4.5! I was really excited about that. Monday I was also able to incorporate some swimming and swam laps for about a mile..yeah, a mile! That is 1600 meters in case you were wondering. I was tired after running that morning but really felt good and I was kind of inspired by watching the Olympic swimmers.

On Monday though, my left knee started bothering me. It was minor on Monday and Tuesday, a little worse on Thursday, and bad enough on Friday that I stopped my workout and called the doctor and made an appointment. So I didn't workout on Saturday or today at all and I definitely feel more sluggish and just kind of blah.

Here's this week training log. To see my previous weeks, you can go to my 10K training page.

Week 3 (August 5 - 11)

Monday 8/6 - Session 1 - 45 53 min. Run 3 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Do this 7 9 times. Distance was 3.59 miles. Plus 1 hour swimming for a total of 1 mile!

Tuesday 8/7 - Elliptical for 30 minutes for 2.15 miles. Also walked over the Kemah Bridge and back for a total of 1.82 was steep so I only walked it around 3.3mph.

Thursday 8/8  - 34 33 min. Run 3 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Do this times. Distance = 2.25 mi.

Friday 8/9  - Treadmill - walk 5, run 3, walk 2, run 3, walk 2 - total 15 mins for 1.01 miles. Also did 8 mins of elliptical for 0.5 miles.

Session 3 - 40 min. Run 3 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Do this 6 times.  Scratched due to injury!

Even though it feels slow-going sometimes, I am proud of my accomplishments this week. Hopefully the orthopedist can figure out what my knee issue is and I can start working out again!

I saw this awesome tattoo on Pinterest that kind of sums it up...

Until later, happy running!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Birth of an Athlete

I have never considered myself an athlete. Even at the few points in my life where I was athletic, I was not a true athlete. In fact, I have never considered myself to be very competitive.

That all changed on Saturday.

Saturday, I ran my first competitive 5K. I have been training for a 10K for a couple weeks now and though my true goal race is in October, I wanted to give myself a little challenge right now. So I decided to sign up for a 5K in my area to see where I was at fitness-wise. (I should note here that I have done 5Ks and 10Ks before but only for exercise and not ever to be competitive or push myself.)

I live in Houston and it is it is HOT outside, even at 7:30 AM. The actual temperature was 84 degrees but they said the "feels like" temperature was 92. 90-freaking-2. Yeah...

I did this race by myself so I awkwardly stood around by myself until it started. Of the couple hundred people there, everyone seemed to be fit and only a few of us were fat. But actually most of the chunkier people were older than me. But I figured no one would make fun of a fat girl who was trying to be more fit, right?

Once the race started, I knew I was going to have to push myself. Hard. And I did. I was walking and doing small spurts of running. When I would get comfortable walking, I made myself start running (slowly). Honestly, it was just too hot for me to try to do any extended running...seriously, we are talking about 30 second intervals. The best part of the course was getting to the half-way point. I hadn't died yet, so chances were I was going to make it! Around there, my previously absent competitiveness started to kick in. I passed a few people who were getting tired and slowing down (I knew I wasn't going to be super fast so I initially started near the back). As I passed people, I was determined not to let them pass me again...a couple did but most didn't! And some of these were skinnier and younger than me! That definitely felt good!

When I turned down the last 0.1 mile, I started running...not sprinting, but definitely running a little faster than I had been the whole time. The best part was running across the finish line. Seriously if I ran any farther at that point I was going to pass out and by that point I wanted to vomit. I was so proud of myself! My time was was the fastest I have ever competitively run! I officially felt like an athlete!

As soon as I could breathe again, I drank a bunch of water and loaded up on watermelon. Yum! There was a ton of pizza and beer and everybody was chowing down. Beer at 8:30 in the morning didn't appeal to me though but I finally let myself have one small slice...but really the watermelon was way better!

I'm really glad that I did this race because it definitely helped my confidence!

Here I am finishing the race:

I don't this like fact I HATE taking pictures when I am so heavy. I have taken very few pictures in the past few years. Thinner, I am very photogenic and love the camera! I bought this picture anyway to mark the occasion. It is embarrassing posting it online but I'm going to do it anyway! If you are thinking, "Hey, you look thinner in your small picture at the top of the blog!" (shown below), you are right...but, alas, I am the same weight...I just know how to pose to look thinner in a head shot! :) This picture was from my trip to Italy.

Here is actually one from a 5K I did fall 2011 with my family. I ran/walked it in just over 47 minutes. I definitely felt faster and stronger this year, though the weather was WAY the 60s that morning. I will take that over the 80s any day!

 I saw this on Pinterest a while back and it cracked me up...I definitely know the feeling! (Did you see the pictures above?? Yeah!)

But who cares...I'm still lapping the people on the sofa! :)

Until later, happy running!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Finding Inspiration - Oscar Pistorius

I love the Olympics. Yes, they have become very commercialized in the last couple decades, but the competitive spirit is still there and stronger than ever. In my quest to be a runner, I find a lot of inspiration in Oscar Pistorius. The fact that a double amputee could make it to the Olympics, let alone the the 400m finals is amazing! The whole world is proud of you Oscar!

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

I love his quote:

Despite being such a hard-working athlete who has earned the right to be a little cocky, he seemed humbled by his whole Olympic experience...which just made all of us love him that much more. What a genuinely amazing person! OK...I will also admit that he is also wicked hot and has that awesome South African accent also...definite bonuses!

So let's be like Oscar and all work toward our true abilities!

Source: via John on Pinterest

Until later, happy running!

10K Training progress...weeks 1&2

I told you in my last post about setting my goal to do a 10K on October 20th. Well, I'm glad to say that the first two weeks of training went really well!

I started jogging my sophomore year in college with my roommates and it actually helped me lose weight. I don't want to really call it running because I just kind of did it because they were doing it...I never really tried to improve, and I never really considered myself a runner and certainly not an athlete. My longest distances were about 2.5, maybe 3 miles and I don't think I ever ran faster than 4.2-4.5mph.

The summer I really started jogging was really the most I ever liked it. I spent that summer of 1999 with my dad in Hawaii who lived on the island of Maui, right by this old road through a sugarcane field. I would wake up in the morning and go walking down the road...which round trip from dad's door, was about 2.5 miles. One day I started jogging a little...the next day, a little more...the next day, a little more. In no time, I was jogging the entire route. It was so nice and peaceful in the morning and I could just listen to my music and think.

In a couple of years though, I had a knee injury and I stopped jogging. After that, I tried a little here and there but never really got back to my former distances.

So imagine my surprise on my very first week of running that I could not only run a minute straight (I was only toying with 30 second intervals this spring...thanks Italy for making me walk!) and that on the third day I managed TWO 5 minute straight runs! I was so excited! That was a big accomplishment for me! I have been following  THIS PLAN loosely but in these two weeks I am up to running 2 minutes consistently at about 4.4mph, with 2 minute walking intervals in between. Yay for progress!

Until later, happy running!

Training for a 10K

I was lucky enough to go to Italy and Portugal for three weeks this summer and you know what I saw...NO. FAT. PEOPLE. Yes, that's fat people. I knew this already...I have been to Europe before. But it was definitely a big reminder of how unhealthy we are here in the US and how it is possible to enjoy life and food (uh, people love to eat in Italy!) without sacrificing our bodies.

I've always struggled with my weight. I can remember being chubby since the third grade, being overweight in high school, becoming more overweight in college until I lost the fat through all the wrong ways, and then gaining it all back plus lots more, leaving me as a fat adult. Most of the people I know who are heavy my age (early thirties) got fat because they had babies...dang it...I don't even have that excuse! But I have had plenty of other ones that I love to use all the time! I have had some personal struggles in the last few years (I will go into that at some point) and I have been stuck in a rut...a big fat rut. I've wanted to make a change for a long time now, but wanting it to happen and making it happen are two different things. One of my favorite fitness bloggers, Katie from Runs with Cookies, wrote this great post about motivation vs. determination that really got me thinking and pushed me to make some decisions.

Anyway, my trip to Europe was pivotal in getting me out of that rut. Walking all day (which I was actually in OK shape for) and eating a bunch of fresh fruits from the markets made me ready to come back home and make a change. The first change I decided to make was going to a healthier diet and trying to cut out processed and junk foods. The second change was being an active adult and finding workouts I enjoyed.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

But first I knew I need to set a goal...I do good with goals. I used to be a jogger for a couple years in college (I won't say runner because I didn't really take it seriously), and I really wanted to get back to that. So I decided to run a 10K as my first challenge. OK, run/walk a 10K.

So I signed up for the Toughest 10K in Galveston on October 20th. When I chose it, I had exactly 13 weeks until the race so I wanted to start training right away (my first day was July 22nd). I decided to use THIS PLAN from Mary on Spark People. I haven't set a time goal yet (I know I can finish a 10K); I want to wait until about halfway into my training to see where I am at with that.

Wish me luck because I am determined! :)



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