Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WW Week #9 Weigh-In

Last week I lost 5.2 pounds and I know some of that was because I was dehydrated so I really worked hard last week to keep that off. So I was super excited when I went to weigh in and I was down 0.2! Normally 0.2 would make me mad, but not this week! Overall for the holiday I've done really well, though I need to drink more water.

WW Week 1 START: 10/30

(11/6) Week 2: -2.8 (happy)
(11/13) Week 3:  -0.8 (disappointed...thought it should be more)
(11/20) Week 4: -0.2 (happy..I had a tough week!)
(11/27)  Week 5:  -1.6 (happy)
(12/04) Week 6: +0.2 (WTH because I had a great week! Earned 27 APs!)
(12/11) Week 7:  0 (Maintained...really?)
(12/17) Week 8: -5.2 (some of it probably due to the flu!)
(12/24) Week 9: -0.2 (yay, kept that flu weight off!)

Total WW loss: 10.6 pounds

Total loss in 2012: ~19 pounds

I'm going to try to work out as much as I can this week but I don't have high hopes because I am sans gym and it's cold I definitely will try to pay attention to my eating!

Until later, happy running!


  1. Even if you only lost 0.2 pounds you are heading in the right direction! I need to get back towards losing and not happy that I haven't gained a zillion pounds.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I technically started trying to lose weight in August (I joined WW in Oct) but it hasn't really started to come off until recently. I was REALLY frustrated at first that I wasn't seeing results on the scale, but it definitely pushes me to work harder now as I am starting to see results. Good luck, you can do it!