Sunday, January 27, 2013

5K Training - week 8/8

This was the last week that I was training for my first 5K of the year. I love my new HRM and knowing how many calories I burned doing an activity! It kind of makes me want to work out more!

1/21 Monday - 1 hour of Roller Derby bootcamp - 503 calories burned!

1/22 Tuesday - OFF

1/23 Wednesday - treadmill 5K - 43:50 (14:06 pace) - ran 1.75 miles straight! (and forgot my HRM but burned around 400 calories)

1/24 Thursday - 1 hour of Zumba - 556 calories burned!

1/25 Friday - OFF

1/26 Saturday - 1 hour of Yoga - 258 calories burned!

1/27 Sunday - Ran my 5K - 39:22 (12:40 pace!) - 467 calories burned!

Calories burned this week with exercise - around 2184

Now that my January 5K is over, I decided that I am going to keep doing weekly training reports because I enjoy keeping track of them!

Until later, happy


  1. your committment to exercise is inspiring!
    -FogDog Weight Loss

    1. Thanks! I really enjoy being active but I make sure to add variety!

  2. That's awesome! I really want to get one of those monitors, I think it might actually motivate me to work out :)

  3. Awesome job! Keep it up! I have been looking into a heart rate monitor to get a more accurate count of the calories I am actually burning. I am a numbers girl! lol

    1. Me too! Go for it! The FT4 is a common model people seem to start with. and it won't break the bank. I got kind of a fancier one.

  4. I want to follow, but I cant find your follow button..Where is it hiding??