Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WW Week 13 Weigh-in

Well, last week I went up even though I did everything right. This week I was hoping it would come off but it didn't....yet. I have really been working hard the last few days and know eventually it will come off. Trying to be patient! :)

WW Week 1 START: 10/30

(11/6) Week 2: -2.8 (happy)
(11/13) Week 3:  -0.8 (disappointed...thought it should be more)
(11/20) Week 4: -0.2 (happy..I had a tough week!)
(11/27)  Week 5:  -1.6 (5 pound star!)
(12/04) Week 6: +0.2 (WTH because I had a great week! Earned 27 APs!)
(12/11) Week 7:  0 (Maintained...really?)
(12/17) Week 8: -5.2 (10 pound star!)
(12/24) Week 9: -0.2 (yay, kept that flu weight off!)
(12/31) Week 10: -3.4 (5% award!)
(1/8) Week 11: +1.6 (OK because I know I didn't really gain!)
(1/15) Week 12: +0.2 (Still doing everything right!)

Total WW loss: -12.2 pounds

Next week I should see a loss! I'm just going to keep eating right and working hard. Today was my 30th day straight tracking my food! Definitely an accomplishment!

Until later, happy living!


  1. 30 days tracking is TOTALLY awesome (ok I just straight turned into a valley girl), but seriously that's really good!! I'm glad to hear that you're not getting discouraged. Just keep it up & you will get the loss you're looking for!!

  2. Your January weigh-in dates still show 12 as the month. I was confused for a second.

    that said you are averaging a pound a week, which is about what I averaged when I lose the 75 pounds pre-baby. Keep moving sister, you're doing great!