Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WW Week #11 Weigh-in

Today I was hoping I would be down at least a pound but I was actually UP. I think this can be attributed to two things 1) switching back to evening meetings and 2) retaining water and feeling bloated. But for once I'm OK with being up because being up on the scale doesn't mean that I actually gained weight! I know I didn't! I did everything right - tracked every day (23 straight days in a row!) and I worked out (earned 31 activity points!), so there is no mathematical way those 1.6 pounds are real. So I'll just wait until next week to see my real progress from last week.

WW Week 1 START: 10/30

(11/6) Week 2: -2.8 (happy)
(11/13) Week 3:  -0.8 (disappointed...thought it should be more)
(11/20) Week 4: -0.2 (happy..I had a tough week!)
(11/27)  Week 5:  -1.6 (5 pound star!)
(12/04) Week 6: +0.2 (WTH because I had a great week! Earned 27 APs!)
(12/11) Week 7:  0 (Maintained...really?)
(12/17) Week 8: -5.2 (10 pound star!)
(12/24) Week 9: -0.2 (yay, kept that flu weight off!)
(12/31) Week 10: -3.4 (5% award!)
(1/8) Week 11: +1.6 (OK because I know I didn't really gain!)

Total WW loss: -12.4 pounds

I'm going to keep working hard like I have been and it will come off, at the rate my body wants to take it off. Sure I wanted to see a loss today but sometimes the results don't come exactly when you are looking for them.

Until later, happy living!


  1. Keep up the great work! I found you on Runsforcookies. I hope you don't mind me adding you. :) Im looking for more support overyander :)

  2. All you can do is keep on keeping on and your body WILL conform!! 24 lbs is great. Don't you love MFP??? I am loving it!! Great post, I loves some transformation pics :)


    1. Thanks Candi! MFP is great! I still use it to log my weight but not for calorie tracking anymore though because I went back to WW.

  3. You are doing great! Sometimes it takes a few days for good things to show.