Friday, January 18, 2013

Moving from WW to Counting Calories

I've been rocking my food tracker but I've become increasingly dissatisfied with WW. I started in October and it was the right thing for me at the time because I was not on a solid foundation with my eating and exercise at that point, but the good new is that now I am!

So I've decided to save my $40 a month and go back to tracking calories. I love having the support here online because there are so many people that I can identify with...unlike WW. I used to use MFP (I still use it to keep track of my weight) and liked it, but honestly I love writing things down on paper I'll figure out in the next few days which way I am going to go - electronic or old school.

I'm pretty excited about the switch. I have to figure out how many calories I have been eating and then decide what my target goal will be for the week. I am also moving toward eating cleaner but I'm not quite there yet. I don't want to live with too much restriction right now and I want to continue my healthy way of life. I definitely don't want to start feeling like I am on a diet because I'm not. 

Until later, happy living!


  1. I 100% agree. I don't want to feel like I'm on a diet. I don't want to feel restricted or like I "can't" have something. So I give myself permission to have WHATEVER I want & then I just try to make sure that what I want is healthy & low calorie :D I love tracking calories, that's always been easy for me & used to do it "old school" as well. But I have to be honest I am LOVING MFP. The only thing I haven't been able to find on there was some hot sauce. I also love the feature where I can put in the ingredients in something & then it tells me the calories. Of course I didn't like finding out the calories once I did that, but that's a whole different story!! :)

  2. Hi there, I just started reading your blog. Kudos to you for making healthy changes!! I want to put a plug in for LoseIt... It's worked great for me. You plug in your weight and how much you want to lose per week and it calculates your daily calories. I've also heard great things about My Fitness Pal. Good luck with whatever you choose. :)