Friday, February 15, 2013

Weigh Day Friday - Week 7 of 52

Well, this week I found out that I had a hormonal imbalance from the blood tests I took for my annual physical. My doctor decided that she wanted me to take 500 mg of Metformin. I started taking it on Wednesday. Tuesday though I jumped up 2 pounds for some reason. Really, I don't care. I was awesome this week with eating and I'm not going to focus on the scale. I hope this hormone thing works itself out soon...I really think this might be a reason that the weight has been coming off so slowly.

Highest weight: 265
Goal weight: 150-160

Week #7 (2/8) - 240.8
Week #6 (2/8) - 238.8
Week #5 (2/1) - 238.6 
Week #4 (1/25) - 242.0
Week #3 (1/18) - 241.8
Week #2 (1/11) - 242.2
Week #1 (1/4) - 241

Gain this week = 2
Total loss = 24.2 pounds

I know I should be measuring and going by inches because I have definitely lost some but I'm lazy and I haven't yet. I signed up for a diet bet in January and it's almost over. Despite my best intentions (really, I have been amazing!) I am not going to win my $25 back because I didn't lose 9 pounds...actually I think I have only lostt one pound officially if you look at the numbers. Oh well. 

There is literally NOTHING that I personally could have done to change this outcome. I have a clean conscious. My body is going through some sort of adjustment but I'm not going to let it stop me from continuing to be healthy. If anything, I think it is going to make me healthier because although I eat fairly clean, it has inspired me to do some research and see if further changing my diet could help sort out my hormones.

Until later, happy living!

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