Friday, February 22, 2013

Weigh Day Friday - Week 8 of 52

The scale finally went back down and I'm down to my Feb. 1st weight...I've officially lost zero pounds!

Just kidding. Again, it is annoying that I haven't seen more scale progress but I'm not letting it bother me. I'm doing OK on my new Metformin..I've had some occasional mild nausea and I've been really thirsty lately but that is about it. I'm curious to see if it is going to help get my hormone thing under control and/or aid in weight loss.

Highest weight: 265
Goal weight: 150-160

Week #8 (2/22) - 238.6
Week #7 (2/15) - 240.8
Week #6 (2/8) - 238.8
Week #5 (2/1) - 238.6 
Week #4 (1/25) - 242.0
Week #3 (1/18) - 241.8
Week #2 (1/11) - 242.2
Week #1 (1/4) - 241

Loss this week = 2.2
Total loss = 26.4 pounds

Rachel still thinks I'm not eating enough with 1900-2000 calories so I'm going to try to bump it up to 2000-2100. I also am going to incorporate some more strength training to see if that helps.

Until later, happy living!


  1. Hmm, I wouldn't say you'd need to go above 2000 calories, why would she think that? How many calories are you burning a day??

  2. She says it is because I am eating less than I as at WW. I calculated my maintenance calories at around 2400-2600 and she thinks my deficit is too large. I'm still playing around with it though and haven't really decided on a number yet.