Sunday, February 3, 2013

Birthday Weekend and Color in Motion 5K

This week was a busy week! My birthday was Friday so my friends took me out to dinner. Yum, Mexican! Jen B. and I got a cute picture together!

Saturday night I threw myself a birthday party at my house. It was super fun! :)

On Thursday my coworker Megan mentioned that her friend had to drop out of the Color in Motion 5K race on Saturday and asked if I wanted to take her spot. Uh, yes! So Saturday we went to the Reliant Center and did the 5K in around 45 minutes. We ran some but walked a lot of it. This is what we looked like after:

I'm not sure how I didn't have as much color as Megan did on the front and face but I did have a bunch on the back! I've not jumped at the chance to do one of these color runs but it didn't cost me anything so I didn't mind. It was super fun and a good experience. With that said, I don't think I would do one again though if I had to pay for it. I had 2 big complaints with this race - 1) the scenery was lacking because it just ran through the parking lots of the edge of the stadium, and 2) there was only ONE water station (at 1.66 miles) and no food! Since they were throwing powder at us you and there were so many non-runners, you would think they would have one at mile 1 and 2. I was really thirsty! And for some reason I don't mind getting muddy but I didn't love having powder all over me. I'm glad Megan asked me though!

My next race is a 7K this Saturday!

Until later, happy running!

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