Sunday, August 26, 2012

10K Training progress...weeks 4 & 5

So in the last 2 weeks I have worked out only once (on the elliptical) and it has definitely squashed my mood and my spirit a bit. Since my injury, my knee has been bothering me on and off...not serious pain, more of an annoying pain. I made it through the elliptical on Thursday but it felt a little off the whole time and then it hurt after. I know the doctor said I could bike and swim but I just haven't been able to make myself do it because I'm stubborn and I just don't want to.

The worst part is that I have a 10K on Sept only 3 more weeks and I am not training for it. I wasn't really planning on running much of it but now I am worried I can't even walk it! Sigh...

I go to the orthopedist tomorrow after our first day of school so hopefully he will just give me a giant shot in my knee and send me away all better. Yeah...I can dream, right!

One day this will be me:

This is more like me now:

Until later, happy running sitting around and doing nothing,

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