Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sidelined from running

Well, I spent most of the morning at the orthopedist's office yesterday getting x-rays and an MRI. I have an appointment to go back in 2 weeks so he can tell me about the results of the tests but he says that it looks like I have a medial meniscus tear and that I can't run for the next two weeks or do any activity that makes it hurt. Awesome...

I think I need to post this somewhere to remind myself...

Source: via Daniel on Pinterest

He did say that I could try to swim and ride my bike as long as it didn't hurt but I am having a bit of a problem getting myself to the gym to do that. But just because I can't run doesn't mean I can't workout...

And I still have a 10K planned on September 15th that I still intend on at least walking in (barring the doctor saying I can't) so I need to stay in shape and biking/swimming will do that!

I wish I could say I got injured doing something cool but I didn't...it was probably a combination of running and falling off the curb in front of the gym because I was playing with my ipod and didn't see the step down. I definitely need to be more careful because this going to the doctor business is expensive!

Until later, happy running! swimming or biking

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