Monday, August 6, 2012

Training for a 10K

I was lucky enough to go to Italy and Portugal for three weeks this summer and you know what I saw...NO. FAT. PEOPLE. Yes, that's fat people. I knew this already...I have been to Europe before. But it was definitely a big reminder of how unhealthy we are here in the US and how it is possible to enjoy life and food (uh, people love to eat in Italy!) without sacrificing our bodies.

I've always struggled with my weight. I can remember being chubby since the third grade, being overweight in high school, becoming more overweight in college until I lost the fat through all the wrong ways, and then gaining it all back plus lots more, leaving me as a fat adult. Most of the people I know who are heavy my age (early thirties) got fat because they had babies...dang it...I don't even have that excuse! But I have had plenty of other ones that I love to use all the time! I have had some personal struggles in the last few years (I will go into that at some point) and I have been stuck in a rut...a big fat rut. I've wanted to make a change for a long time now, but wanting it to happen and making it happen are two different things. One of my favorite fitness bloggers, Katie from Runs with Cookies, wrote this great post about motivation vs. determination that really got me thinking and pushed me to make some decisions.

Anyway, my trip to Europe was pivotal in getting me out of that rut. Walking all day (which I was actually in OK shape for) and eating a bunch of fresh fruits from the markets made me ready to come back home and make a change. The first change I decided to make was going to a healthier diet and trying to cut out processed and junk foods. The second change was being an active adult and finding workouts I enjoyed.

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But first I knew I need to set a goal...I do good with goals. I used to be a jogger for a couple years in college (I won't say runner because I didn't really take it seriously), and I really wanted to get back to that. So I decided to run a 10K as my first challenge. OK, run/walk a 10K.

So I signed up for the Toughest 10K in Galveston on October 20th. When I chose it, I had exactly 13 weeks until the race so I wanted to start training right away (my first day was July 22nd). I decided to use THIS PLAN from Mary on Spark People. I haven't set a time goal yet (I know I can finish a 10K); I want to wait until about halfway into my training to see where I am at with that.

Wish me luck because I am determined! :)


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