Monday, September 3, 2012

10K Training progress...week 6

I went to the orthopedist last week and he said my MRI looked great, absolutely no problems and that the pain was just coming from inflammation. He gave me a steroid shot and said that as long as I didn't notice the pain level higher than it has been (which is around a 4 at the most), then I was OK to push through it if I needed to and it was very unlikely that I would actually injure myself.


So I finally made it back to the gym with the girls on Thursday and attempted 2 minute running intervals. was hard after 3 weeks of not working out! It's crazy how fast you lose your aerobic capacity. I was doing at least five to six 3-minute segments before! So I was able to do only 2 segments before I got tired and out of breath so then I jumped on the elliptical for 45 minutes.

It's nice to be back! I still have 2 weeks to train for my next 10K so I'll be working hard to make up for some of the lost time.

Until later, happy running!

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