Sunday, August 12, 2012

10K Training progress...week 3

After my accomplishment on Saturday, I took Sunday off. Actually, I was pretty tired and lazy the rest of Saturday too. I will blame it on the heat!

Monday I felt AWESOME! I was really glad that I took the day off on Sunday because I really felt rested. I had a stellar set of runs on the treadmill. I pushed my walking speed up to 4.7 mph, then 4.8 later this week, as well as my running speed up to 4.5! I was really excited about that. Monday I was also able to incorporate some swimming and swam laps for about a mile..yeah, a mile! That is 1600 meters in case you were wondering. I was tired after running that morning but really felt good and I was kind of inspired by watching the Olympic swimmers.

On Monday though, my left knee started bothering me. It was minor on Monday and Tuesday, a little worse on Thursday, and bad enough on Friday that I stopped my workout and called the doctor and made an appointment. So I didn't workout on Saturday or today at all and I definitely feel more sluggish and just kind of blah.

Here's this week training log. To see my previous weeks, you can go to my 10K training page.

Week 3 (August 5 - 11)

Monday 8/6 - Session 1 - 45 53 min. Run 3 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Do this 7 9 times. Distance was 3.59 miles. Plus 1 hour swimming for a total of 1 mile!

Tuesday 8/7 - Elliptical for 30 minutes for 2.15 miles. Also walked over the Kemah Bridge and back for a total of 1.82 was steep so I only walked it around 3.3mph.

Thursday 8/8  - 34 33 min. Run 3 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Do this times. Distance = 2.25 mi.

Friday 8/9  - Treadmill - walk 5, run 3, walk 2, run 3, walk 2 - total 15 mins for 1.01 miles. Also did 8 mins of elliptical for 0.5 miles.

Session 3 - 40 min. Run 3 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Do this 6 times.  Scratched due to injury!

Even though it feels slow-going sometimes, I am proud of my accomplishments this week. Hopefully the orthopedist can figure out what my knee issue is and I can start working out again!

I saw this awesome tattoo on Pinterest that kind of sums it up...

Until later, happy running!

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