Monday, August 6, 2012

Finding Inspiration - Oscar Pistorius

I love the Olympics. Yes, they have become very commercialized in the last couple decades, but the competitive spirit is still there and stronger than ever. In my quest to be a runner, I find a lot of inspiration in Oscar Pistorius. The fact that a double amputee could make it to the Olympics, let alone the the 400m finals is amazing! The whole world is proud of you Oscar!

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I love his quote:

Despite being such a hard-working athlete who has earned the right to be a little cocky, he seemed humbled by his whole Olympic experience...which just made all of us love him that much more. What a genuinely amazing person! OK...I will also admit that he is also wicked hot and has that awesome South African accent also...definite bonuses!

So let's be like Oscar and all work toward our true abilities!

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Until later, happy running!

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