Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finding inspiration - Flintland blog post

During the Olympics I wrote a blog post about finding inspiration from Oscar Pistorius. I didn't think anything about my "finding inspiration" post until this week I found some more. So I think I will make this a regular thing...writing about people and things that inspire me.

This week I was reading a blog I really enjoy, Runs for Cookies, and in one of the comments, another reader mentioned this post called "Hey Fat Girl" from another blogger. From the title, it may not sound so nice, but really, the post is very inspirational! Here's a screenshot. Go read it, really!

Being fat, it's easy to feel inadequate working out next to all those fit people. At the gym, I used to wear my baggie t-shirt and sweat pants because I felt awkward...but you know what? Those clothes are hot and just get weighed down with sweat! So I started to wear workout clothes...and yes they are tight! And yes I look fat in them! (and by the way, finding larger workout clothes isn't so easy!) But I decided, SO WHAT?!? So what if I am wearing tight clothes and I'm fat...I'm trying to be thinner. I decided that if people want to stare and make fun of me, go ahead. But if someone decides to stare at me and judge, they will also notice I am at the gym on the treadmill and/or elliptical for a hour almost everyday. So judge that. :)

When I did my first 5K this year, I felt awkward about being fat because the only other overweight people (there were only a few) were like 60. But, running over the finish line at my best competitive time ever trumped that feeling of inadequacy - I felt strong and proud of myself, despite a "slow" pace compared to others. And for the first time in my life, I felt like a real athlete!

So Flintland's blog post really made me feel good knowing that those fit athletes are behind us fat athletes and that they want us to succeed. And we do appreciate the encouragement! Last night, I went to do my walk over the Kemah bridge in preparation for my 10K (over that very bridge next weekend) and there was a lady on a bike on the other side of the traffic from me and she gave me a thumbs up. I just smiled and went on my way, ignoring the fact that I was, right at that moment, feeling insecure about wearing tight clothes on a public bridge. So thanks lady on the bike! And thanks guy in my neighborhood a few months ago for cheering for me as he passed me on the walking trail. And thanks to my 2 fit buddies who workout with me everyday after school and encourage me. It makes a difference!

Until later, happy running!

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  1. That's great, keep it up!!!

    I was well over 200lb. when I started running. Wore oversized shirts to hide my butt lol. Wearing proper workout clothes helps so much, and yoi totally deserve it!