Sunday, October 14, 2012

Galveston Beach Dash

Last weekend was the 3rd race that I have done since August but I wasn't so worried about the time because this one was a 5K on the beach with obstacles, so I didn't feel like I was competing against my Outrigger 5K time (45:46) because it wasn't really comparable. This time at least I wasn't doing it friends Jenn, Jenny, and Jenny's boyfriend also went along so that made it extra fun!

Running on sand was definitely tough but I did OK with that. I have to say though that I did pretty awesome on the obstacles. The first one was climbing over a series of 3 increasingly high walls and then jumping over them. I totally smoked 20 people on that one. In fact, it seemed like I would be way ahead of a bunch of people and then they would only catch back up with me when we would start running again because they were faster than me. I really like these adventure races...I can't wait to do another one. Too bad they are so expensive! I think I will wait until the spring. That one was actually a great deal on Groupon for $22!

I was the last to finish, so my friends were able to take some pics. Here I am at the second to last obstacle where you had to wade waist high through the water, climb up a ladder, and turn around and jump down off the wall. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to get off the wall, but I just went for it. Jenn said she just dangled there for a few seconds before being brave enough to jump off.

Then this is me wading through the water at in the last obstacle. It was actually deep enough that I could swim pretty fast.

Here I am with the girls. It's kinda tough training sometimes next to these skinny chicks but thankfully they are awesome and always help cheer me on! One day I will blend right in with them! :)

And here we all are with our festive pineapple hats on.

I finished #267 out of 347 in my 30-39 age group, and #739 overall out of 968. Not bad for a fat kid!

Until later, happy running!

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